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After getting started on my field work in late March, the last month has yielded a frustrating lack of nice weather. Bees are like people; they don’t like being cold, and they don’t like getting rained on. Unfortunately, Boston has been giving us plenty of both these last few weekends. The one weekend it was nice enough go out, I was out of town. Just my luck…

At last, we have a nice weekend! High of 67°, sunny, and 0% chance of precipitation. Just the way bees like it. Pretty much the way I like it, too.

Now the fun part of the story. I have a ballroom dance competition this weekend. I danced yesterday (Saturday) morning, and I will be dancing again this evening at about 5pm. Which is all fine and good; I can just head out to the Arboretum, set out the bowl traps, net for a few hours, and head home and to the competition (it’s at MIT, so not far). Which is exactly what I’m doing. The catch? Hairstyles for ballroom competitions can be very intricate, which means that if your competition spans two days, you are not about to redo your hair for the second day. So, today, I am going to catch bees at the Arnold Arboretum with a lot of rhinestones glued to my hair. It’s going to be hilarious.