This past Saturday, I spent my first day at the Arboretum. It was riddled with set-backs. I arrived early in the morning, only to discover that the outdoor pipes were still shut off for the winter, and the Hunnewell Buidling (the visitor center, for anyone who’s never visited) didn’t open until noon. Well, without water, I don’t have traps, so I wasn’t particularly thrilled. I used the hours until the Hunnewell Building opened to wander around, searching for blooming willows. During my quest, I came across this beauty:


The first bee of the season (at least that I saw).

Saturday also happened to be the first really nice day of the year, so everyone and their dog was at the Arboretum. Literally. There were so many cute dogs. There were big dogs and little dogs, short-haired dogs and shaggy dogs, hyper dogs and stoic dogs. DOGS EVERYWHERE. It was like it was unofficial Bring-Your-Dog-to-the-Arnold-Arboretum Day or something. Now, I grew up with pets, and one of the weirdest adjustments I had to make when I got to college was not having a cat around all the time. So I get pretty happy when I see dogs. In honor of that joy, and in an effort to bring that joy to you, my loyal bee-enthusiasts, I have compiled a slideshow of adorable dogs. Enjoy!

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There will probably be another field trip this weekend. I’m keeping my eye on the weather. It’ll be a little chilly for bees tomorrow, but Sunday looks good.

That’s all for now!